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May 21 2015

My Fabulous New Handbag

I recently had the most fabulous stick with my friends in the Cotswolds. Anyone who has been to the UK, knows how beautiful and charming is that this area in south central England. We spent a couple of days first in London shopping. Its truly difficult to pass up any shopping expedition, but specifically in London. Not only will the city house the best department stores in the world, but tiny streets and different districts are filled to the brim the interesting boutiques and small shops that can't be found any where else on earth. Its also easy to shop london as you can easily have a break in the number of cafes and pubs. In other fashion capitals, its sometimes harder to take a break during a day of power shopping.
Designer Handbags

Initially, I planned to merely browse and perhaps get one or two small bits of jewelry. I was in desperate will need a new pair of small gold earrings. The sort that would go with nearly anything. I dont possess a lot of jewelry which is part of the problem; I dont even have the basics. We discovered probably the most charming little jewelry shop and I immediately found a small pair of flattened gold earrings and also a pretty pair that looked like it was made from Venetian glass. I also found a new necklace. At the moment, Im sort of over statement necklaces and my a new one were small and subtle. My style though has never been brash and loud. Its for certain people, but Im do not require. After lunch, we headed to Selfridges. As lots of you know, its one of my personal favorite department stores in the entire universe. The choice of products is so unique and fresh. I love they stock designers which are different from other malls. Lets face it so many big stores look the identical because they all stock the same exact brands. Once you have visited one, you have often seen them all. But Selfridges is different and special. It posseses an eclectic yet stylish air about it. Everything is so well done, it could impossible to copy and anytime I visit, Im always discovering something that Ive never seen before. The art of discovery is the thing that propels people to love fashion and shopping. Without discovery from the new and different, there would be absolutely nothing of interest available stores.
Designer Handbags

designer handbags

Once we arrived to the accessories and leather goods area, I used to be swooning. All of the handbags and accessories were displayed very well that it was easy to ingest nearly all of their inventory. I was immediately attracted to a satchel handbag. The lines and silhouette were clean and chic; exactly my style. And it absolutely was large enough to carry a laptop. When I picked it up to examine closer, the handbag wasn't heavy. So many handbags are impossible to transport because they weigh a great deal even without anything inside. Without any delay, I got myself two of these beautiful designer handbags. The clerk said they had the hardest time keeping them available and I should act fast. This ended up being one of my favorite shopping days in recent memory. My new purchases are simply divine. Designer handbags can be quite a tricky purchase, but mine went very well. I cannot wait to hold these new bags.

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